Meet Russell Graeff

South Dakota District 19

Russell Graeff for Senate

A bit of my past & VISION.


I have given most of my lifetime in serving the needs of others. From YMCA counselor, program director,  Emergency Medical / Paramedical / Ambulance Care,  eventually evolving to a business entrepreneur in Home Medical, achieving Respiratory Care Practitioner Licensing in 4 states, building 3 successful businesses and serving my church(s),  I am one guy you could sit down, converse and find a large depth of history . Yes, I have lived a life of serving and continue, even today.

What is compelling to me is ... "What do you want to be when you grow up?" which keeps ringing true repeatedly.
Although evolving from caring about others in a traditional medical sense, I have drifted to asking do I serve all?
It is with this I concluded that small businesses are controlled by HUGE interests, that government controls way too much of the private sector and that the needs of those in  need / unfortunate are not being met ... since it would not be of benefit or interest to large corporations or those of "the big" money interests, nor "budget" of those currently in charge . Change is needed!

Since moving to South Dakota, I find more receptiveness, welcoming and such incredibly nice folks who understand the values of family, church, community, accomplishment and who are respectful in so many ways.  South Dakotans are wonderful!

So why is it that we were LAST in the national polls regarding teacher pay?  And then what about "TRANSPARANCY"?  Wow. And that's just 2 of many. Think someting's going on that might need addressing?

Let's come together and make all things balanced again!

Heritage from Father: German/Irish, Native American.
Mother: English, French, Dutch.  Therefore I am a "mix".
Was born in Williamsport, PA.,  only attaining 5 years of age before my parents divorced and then was moved to Calif. to be with family. 
That move  totally changed my life and it's direction

Met my wife in Bellflower, CA.  Married in Las Vegas (who wouldn't?) We started businesses in Central California, then Arizona and in 1986 adopted a newborn son. In 1987 moved to Illinois to be with her family
&  raise him.

Joni & I divorced when times were predictably going bad in the economy
(2006) and I stayed until no longer able to bear the burdens there.

Luckily, I was invited to South Dakota to get a new start , hence achieving some incredible things since my arrival Aug. 2011.

Bad news occurred 08/27/2015:

There is something to be said about the difference between a hand-out and a hand-up.  Hand-ups are great, not so much the other.

Thank you South Dakota for putting me back to achieving that which IS achievable.


More will be added at a later time as the campaign unfolds.

Scandals & corruption are rampant throughout the country.  You have a voice in how things will be overcome and theTIME is NOW!

But, in this wonderful state of South Dakota:
EB-5 ?
Money for Schools (Mid-Central Educational Cooperative)
Janklow and his cronies?
Want the list, because it is FULL?
Think about it!
Time for change ... or at least balance in our own State Government.