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Although endorsements from SDEA, SDNA & SD NASW have ARRIVED,  Additional donations are certainly needed, accepted and greatly appreciated.  Click on the button to be directed to a secure site in which to complete the processs online.  Or you can mail contributions to the Russell Graeff Campaign at P.O. Box 196 - Scotland, SD 57059

Our State is waiting for a change

We encourage you to become involved, become a registered voter and VOTE!

Responsible rates and taxes

Municipal level elections

Let's be reasonable about heavy tax burdens, but also give importance to education, healthcare, infrastructure management and growth for all of our futures.
Please pay attention to your local politics ... no matter how simple this seems, it is important to select the very best  Aldermen and other officials.  This is up to all of us to do by being involved and voting

Improved traffic management

Green services

Infrastructure is of great importance.  Lets keep our roads, rails, bridges and transportation systems safe and strong.
Keeping the land, environment, our water, our world safe. Lets use conserving and  preserving for all of our futures sake.
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Russell Graeff for Senate

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