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Russell Graeff for State Senate

Below is a link  Donate Now button which will take you to a secure campaign management site (ActBlue) which will process your credit card or Pay Pal contribution.  The cleared funds are then forwarded to Russ Graeff Campaign with summaries sufficient to satisfy campaign reporting requirement laws.
Or, your personal check made out to Russell Graeff Campaign is certainly fine.
By Mail: P.O. Box 196 - Scotland, SD 57059
Donate. The link provides a legitimate, secure website
Please donate, not only for my campaign, but also please donate to the others of District 19.
Thank you for your support. 
This will be quite an undertaking and I am also attempting to assist the other Democrat candidates as well. Should you have interest in assisting with campaigning, please let one of us know.
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Thank you for your support

We are in need of change and YOU are also part of such.
I am not happy with the actions and current state things happening in the US or South Dakota, as most people aren't.  Vote for positive change,  and let's bring about those changes necessary for common sense. Your contribution is greatly appreciated to assure this happens!

Please don't forget my friends who are also trying very hard to create "balance" and change for the current structure into something we all can agree on.  See my page that includes links for the others running for office, the SDDP and give yourself a great smile and pat on the back for knowing you contributed for sensible change here in South Dakota!