We lost! What do Democrats need to do?

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Don't give up!

Trump wins the US

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You still have a voice!

In addition to the TRUMP win, Dems lost seats in the House and Senate, allowing Republicans to have total control.
I am pleased with District 19's 80% voter turnout, the re-elected Legislative Representative's victory, and also pleased for elected Senator Stace Nelson to represent all of us in District 19. Congratulations to you all.
What I am not pleased about is that we did not pick up one seat, nor balance out the one-party political system here in South Dakota AGAIN.
There are many issues that you can choose to become involved with and help us all move forward.  Don't give up and don't panic.

I have left this site up for awhile in case any late donors would choose to contribute to my expensive (mostly self-funded) campaign.